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Birthdate:Dec 18
Location:Alabama, United States of America
Website:Citizen Of Numenor
I am an adult female who writes Slash (M/M) fanfiction in the fandoms of Lord of the Rings (namely Aragorn/Legolas), Oz fiction (mainly Beecher/Keller), Oz/SVU (Beecher/Stabler), Oz/Wanted (Drake/Keller) and Real Person Fiction based on Perry Ullmann and Casey Skinner from Season 1 of Bravo's Make Me A Supermodel. I also write gen and slash-centric fiction that revolves around Boromir/Faramir (of LotR who are portrayed as brothers only) and Aragorn as a small child (Estel). The stories revolves around his relationship with his father Lord Elrond and he has a big crush on Legolas of course.

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This is all for now, but I will update my profile in more detail later.


I do not own any of the fictional characters in my stories except where indicated; and any real persons used in my fiction belong to themselves and no insult is intended in regards to their sexual orientation and no money is being made.

Obama President

Obama Awsome

Barack Obama elected 44th President of the United States


Oz Graphic Made For me by Deaana @ the LJ Community Divinesparkle


25fluffyfics Banner for My Chris Meloni/Lee Tergesen Claim Made by Darling Anorienparker--Thanks!

Lovelies Christopher Meloni and Lee Tergesen


Courtesy of Serpentine_poet


Chris & Lee Banner by Me

The following three 'Tobias Beecher’ and ‘Chris Keller’ Oz Desktop Wallpapers made by Talented Rollina

beecher_keller_wallpaper2_by rollina_gate

beecher_keller_wallpaper3 by rollina_gate

beecher_keller_wallpaper1 by rollina_gate

Prison love is sooo HOT!

B/K and Christopher Meloni manips made by talented Colleen Detroit


meloni_reflection by colleen_detroit

Lee Tergesen banner made by Me


Lovely banners made for me by the talented Tattooedraven--Thanks!

Numenora's Obsession1_tattooedraven

Numenora's Obsession2_tattooedraven

Lovely Beecher/Keller banners by Kate J--Thanks!




chris_lee_glaad by hullywood_bound

Chris Meloni and Lee Tergesen at the 2000 GLADD Awards--Courtesy of Hullywood_bound


Chris & Toby Gif Courtesy of Nindevotee &

By morgaine22

Chris & Toby Gif courtesy of Morgaine22


Chris & Toby Backstage Gif courtesy of courtesy of Yunaresuka


Wallpaper By Rozaliyadonkova

Glitter Photos

Glitterfy Valentine Pic By Me


Made By Colleen Detroit


Awesome Chris & Eddie Banner/Graphic Made & Given To Me By The Darling Nindevotee--Thanks, sweetheart! (Do Not Take)



Chris Keller Art Courtesy Talented Haru776--Thanks for Sharing!


Chris Meloni Gif Courtesy of Nextuesday--Thanks!

Christopher Meloni & Lee Tergesen Photobucket Slide-show

Images courtesy of several possible sources that may include Colleen Detroit, Superherofan, Rollina, Trillingstar, Chris Meloni's & Lee Tergesen's websites, fansites, etc. Much thanks to all! Patty
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